Mossacow and Chernobalo

These are Mossacow (right) whom evolves into Chernobalo (left) at level 34. They are Fire/Poison types. I came up with the concept and a drawfag drew this for me.

Reaction Pokemon


[dex entry coming soon]

Stats and AbilitiesEdit


HP: 60

Attack: 70

Defence: 60

Special Attack: 30

Special Defence: 60

Speed: 40

EVs: 1 Attack

Ability 1: Unaware

Ability 2: Poison Point


HP: 80

Attack: 115

Defence: 100

Special Attack: 50

Special Defence: 90

Speed: 65

EVs: 3 Attack

Ability 1: Moxie

Ability 2: Poison Point

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